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Photo workshops

Foto PFW

Photo workshops


About Me

I am a professional photographer since 2005. I work with digital (Full Frame) and analog (Medium and Large Format) camera's. From 2015 photography is my only profession.
From 2017 I care for my mother (>90 years), hence, I changed my activities.
Weddings and events were the focus of my work. However, with my experience and the limited working hours I now like to share my knowledge. I'm going to make YouTube video too, besides the workshops.
I've lead many workshops already (mostly for Governmental Organizations). I present work of my own (printed 16x24", some even 64x120"). There is an elaborate handout in full color of at least 20 pages.

Nederlandse Versie

Zin in een FOTOWORKSHOP? Kom bij mij voor een leuke en leerzame middag of avond.
Mijn bedrijf is in Kerkrade, er zijn gratis parkeerplaatsen.
Al jaren geef ik naar volle tevredenheid workshops bij Ministeries in Den Haag.

Info over de workshops? Download bovenaan de PDF.


For my work with models/clients:
Mijn werk met modellen/klanten: ModelMayhem
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