John Blaszczyk
John Blaszczyk
Fantasy & Sci-fi Illustration

John Blaszczyk

Fantasy & Sci-fi Illustration


About Me

I'm a self taught artist and tabletop gamer, originally hailing from southern New Jersey. When I'm not drawing, I spend a fair bit of time playing tabletop games with family and friends, and even GM a few RPGs online over Google Hangouts.

I do all my illustrations in Adobe Photoshop CS5 while listening to either speed metal, industrial, or the Castlevania IV soundtrack.

I am currently open for commissions and longer term freelance projects!

Contact Me

I can be reached at:

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Order Prints

If you're interested in ordering prints of any of my work, please email me! I have access to a large format printer, so I don't need to go through an outside service. I can make high quality Giclée canvas prints, or glossy high quality poster prints mounted on foamboard (or unmounted, of course).
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