Katie Pinette
Katie Pinette
Glass Artist and Photographer

About Me

When I was a kid I had a collection, no, an obsession with luminous objects. If it lit up or glowed, I had to get my hands on it. From flashlights to glow sticks to the myriad of flashing doo dads of the street vendors at fairs and events, flicking the switch to “on” ignited the bulb and my imagination. It's no wonder that when I grew up and went to college, I chose a major that glowed-glass.
It's this interest in all things radiant that ties my work in glass to my other passion- photography. After all, the word photography is derived from the Greek words photos-“light” and graphos- “drawing.” My world bounces between these two mediums with one often inspiring the other.


2015- On and Of Paper, Arts Center East (ACE), Vernon, CT
2015- Third Juried Photography Show, ACE, Vernon, CT
2014- Second Juried Photography Show, ACE, Vernon, CT
2013- First Juried Photography Show, ACE, Vernon, CT
2012- First Annual Open Juried Art Exhibition, ACE, Vernon, CT


November 2015- Assistant to Jill Enfield in wet-collodian workshop, RISD
November 2010- Assistant to Nichole Frocheur in a Wet-Collodion Workshop,
RISD, Providence, RI
May 2010- Senior Thesis Presentation, Gallery GB4, Providence, RI
April 2010- Photo Workshop, RISD, Providence, RI
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